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Yong Fong Rubber Industries Sdn Bhd is a quality reclaimed rubber manufacturer in Malaysia with ISO9001 certified. It is strategically located at Port Klang, the largest international seaport in Malaysia, which provide easy global access. Yong Fong has been spending huge capital investment in product development. Our technical team, in co-operating with various rubber research institution, have been working closely towards improving rubber processing methods and with our experience and technology know-how of the modern reclaiming process and the end product application requirement, Yong Fong now able to produce consistent, excellent quality reclaimed rubber with our modern process and quality control systems.

Our reclaimed rubber is produced from selected discarded or worn rubber products, mainly tyres and tubes. Under strict quality control systems the quality and consistency of our reclaimed rubber is obtained. Yong Fong therefore offers reliable reclaimed rubber, which is both useful as process aid material, and as a distinctive raw material in itself. Yong Fong employs the most successful process-technology for reclaiming rubber. Essentially, the critical requirement of depolymerisation is effected in the rotary autoclave where the material is continuously stirred. This ensures prolonged homogenising of the mass, resulting in a uniform, and high quality end-product.

The main stages of the process-technology begins with the careful selection of raw materials. This is cleaned, cut and ground progressively to very fine powder after removal of all ferrous metal and non-ferrous contaminant. The fine powder is then depolymerised under controlled conditions of temperature and steam pressure in the rotary autoclaves aided with suitable process oils and strained and finally refined to silky-smooth leaves which are built up into sheets for ease of handling. The end-product is then rigorously tested before approval for despatch.

Waste Rubber Re-cycling and Reclaimation

Around the world million tons of natural and synthetic rubber are used for auto-mobile tyres, industrial parts, foot wears, and other domestic goods production. In the consequence usage of such products for human comfort, transportation, and other activities, huge volume of spent waste are created, which results in the pollution of the environment. Within these categories of rubber wastes, used tyres, and auto-mobile inner tubes contributed to be the main ones. These waste is not out of question, and far from a solution. Re-cycling, reclaimation, or so-called regeneration of such rubber waste for re-application in further usage can play a special role in reducing pollution and keep the world green and clean.  
Yong Fong Rubber Industries Sdn. Bhd. is set-up not only as a reclaimed rubber manufacturing factory with her commercial activity, but also has a role playing her share to keep the environment green and clean, by turning rubber waste, which may be scattered everywhere, to a regenerated or reclaimed rubber for re-application in the re-usable end products.  


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