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The Goodness and Advantages of Reclaimed Rubber :-
Usage and Application of Reclaimed Rubber :-
The Goodness and Advantages of Reclaimed Rubber  
Yong Fong reclaimed rubber has the following main features:  
As a raw material  
  • Can be tailor-made
  • Specifications are scrupulously met
  • Quality control programmes ensure product of high uniform quality
  • Offers price-stability and advantage relative to rubber hyrocarbon
As a processing-aid  
  • ensures shorter mixing times enabling higher productivity.
  • Consumes less energy, encouraging cost-savings.
  • Develops less heat, reducing scorch risk.     
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  • Gives better green tack and enables longer retention.
  • Reduces risk of sulphur bloming.
  • Improves heat-build-up in tyres.     
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  • Demonstrates better flow properties.
  • Allows entrapped are to escape easily.
  • Special grade reclaim facilities coloured.
  • Product manufacture.
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  • calender temperatures are not so critical.
  • Thickness of sheet can be increased without incidence of blisters.
  • Imparts faster processing with lower temperatures.
  • Attains faster cure with reduced scorch risk.
  • Ensures better penetration of compound info fabric.
  • Reduces shrinkage and minimises crown effect.
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  • Provides faster rate of extrusion.
  • generates less heat.
  • Reduces scorch risk.
  • Permits less die swelling resulting in smoother extrusion.
  • Produces firm extrude enabling easier handling.
  • Allowing better retention of shape during vulcanisation.
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  • Promotes faster rate of cure.
  • Imparts low distortion.
  • Ensures low reversion rate.
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  • Retains good ageing properties.
  • Enables cost-savings in product manufacture.
  • Contributes to a cleaner environment by using indestructible rubber discards.